I lost a child to the Occupy movement.


Just thirteen days ago I was eight months pregnant.

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There are no word to describe the outright RAGE I feel having read this.  

These officers should not be surprised when they become targets… just sayin’.

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Monday Movie Suggestion

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to view this movie and would suggest it be watched by all.  Much of the information presented has been seen in other films over the years, and utilizes facts that can be found online without too much effort, but this film does a good job of connecting the dots together.

If you are someone that doesn’t understand what the Occupy protests are all about, then please take the time to view this film, as it does a fair job of laying out some of the issues that have caused people to take to the streets with placards and cliches.



Stop the Austerity Train Wreck!

 The biggest question right now on Planet Washington is whether the congressional supercommittee will reach an agreement.

 That’s the wrong question. Agreement or not, Washington is  on the road to making budget cuts that will slow the economy, increase unemployment, and impose additional hardship on millions of Americans.

 The real question is how to stop this austerity train wreck, and substitute the following:

 FIRST: no cuts before jobs are back – until unemployment is down to 5 percent. Until then, the economy needs a boost, not a cut. Consumers – whose spending is 70 percent of the economy – don’t have the money to boost the economy on their own. Their pay is dropping and they’re losing jobs.

 SECOND: Make the boost big enough. 14 million Americans are out of work, and 10 million are working part time who need full-time jobs. The President’s proposed jobs program is a start but it’s tiny relative to what needs to be done. It would create fewer than 2 million jobs. We need a big jobs program – rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, and including a WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps.

 THIRD: To pay for this, raise taxes on the super-rich. It’s only fair. Never before has so much income and wealth been concentrated at the very top, and taxes on the top so low. Go back to the 70 percent marginal tax we had before 1980. And include more tax brackets at the top. It doesn’t make sense that any income over $375,000 is taxed at the same 35 percent, even if it’s a billion dollars. And tax all sources of income at the same rate, including capital gains.

 FOURTH: Cut the budget where the real bloat is. Military spending and corporate welfare. End weapons systems that don’t work and stop wars we shouldn’t be fighting to begin with, and we save over $300 billion a year. Cut corporate welfare – subsidies and special tax breaks going to big agribusiness, big oil, big pharma, and big insurance – and we save another $100 billion.

Do you hear me, Washington? Do these four things and restore jobs and prosperity. Fail to do these, and you’ll make things much, much worse.

After watching the video and reading this piece, I’m curious. How much better would our economy be today if the government had mailed checks out to each citizen who paid taxes the year before instead of giving bailouts and cheap loans to the criminals that caused all of this trouble? Divide those trillions of dollars among the people. Let’s assume 250 million of the 300 million people living in the USA in July of 2008 were eligible. That would have been a check for approximately $8,000 each.  

I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but stop to think about the possibilities.  Even if everyone blew the money on mindless shopping sprees, the money would have gone right back into the economy and filtered its way to the banks.  I believe a large number of people who were smart enough to realize that trouble times were coming, or those who had already been hit by lay offs, would have used that money to reduce their debt or put it into savings to give themselves a little protection from the rough seas ahead.  This, again, would have put that money right back into the hands of the banks.

By choosing this method, the corporations and banks that were failures would have failed and gone bankrupt.  Perhaps some would have even gone to prison because their crimes would have been even more apparent to the average man.  The rest of us would have been a little better off and the economy may have rebounded from the spending and decrease in personal debt.  Instead, the banksters in our government decided to give all that money to their friends and former employers at the failed companies and handed the rest of us the bill.

I am sure some people will say I am over simplifying the issue, but at the same time, I think they are over complicating the issue… possibly intentionally.

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Cast your vote.

"EpicStep is offering to put up a giant billboard loudly proclaiming our message. We can vote on the city, we can upload/vote on the final ad copy, and… we get our very own FREE BILLBOARD. We need a minimum of 20K VOTES for EpicStep to fund our billboard. However, if we hit 100K VOTES, EpicStep has agreed to purchase the ad space on a massive billboard right in the heart of Times Square!"


an ordinary hero…


an ordinary hero…

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News networks are lying about the #OWS Day of Action!

Yes, I know this is a huge wall of text, but it is well worth taking the time to click on the links, watch the videos, and get past the whitewash that is the corporate media regarding the Occupy Movement.

It has become abundantly clear, at least to me, that WE have to BE the Media. We have to do more than just occupy public spaces, we have to OCCUPY THE CONVERSATION, and cover the events that are unfolding within our own country.  Read the following, watch the videos… EDUCATE YOURSELF.


This comes from reddit user PingTiao

If you don’t want to post up a wall of text on your tumblr, at least re-blog this as a link, there needs to be accurate information out there about this.

The media spin is pretty ridiculous on ALL the networks this morning. Even CNN is whitewashing their coverage from yesterday, and they were doing the best half assed coverage of the major networks yesterday!

In the morning, protestors showed up at Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park at 7AM. When at least 1,000 protestors were there they marched to various blockaded intersections near the NYSE. They tried to disrupt people getting to work and engaged in various peacefully “disruptive” tactics which were sometimes dealt with less than peacefully by the police.


Here are some clips you won’t see on the news:

Woman gets hair pulled by police (the real video, not the one the networks barely tried to peddle.)


Here is a beautiful angled shot of the incident:


This is the video CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and others were showing in response to the reported hair pulling incident when they mentioned it throughout the day.


Human Chain VS NYPD Bus: This happened at one of the disrupted intersections around the NYSE.


Sit In Near NYSE Busted Up by Police:


CNN keeps having errors on their own coverage: (tell me if you notice this too?)


Reuters is also having “technical difficulties” regarding OWS videos. CNN and Reuters are far from alone in this:


Too Crowded for Motorcycle Cops:


Snatch and Grabs Near NYSE:


One of many journalists arrested who decided to ignore the police warning to stay away. They sure hate the scrutiny.


Some helicopter shots:


I am certain there are many more videos of this part of the day, but no major network was anywhere near this action, except Russia Today if you consider them a major news source. CNN, seemed to be the only ones putting in a morning effort and they just hung out near the empty Zuccotti Park.

The protestors decided to reassemble at Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park.


After the park had slowly filled up, because police bottlenecked the park through one entrance, protestors took down the barricades and reclaimed the park:


Here’s a CNN video that still plays:


The police flipped their shit, called in riot police and pretty much any reinforcements they could:

(videos of this are already censored.)

Here’s a bunch of raw footage of the police retaliation:


Police beating a protestor bloody:


A bloody photo of the protestor being led away and a hokey official story:


Police attack protestors with barricades:

(video censored)

The police surrounded the already barricaded and penned in park and tensions mounted. Then the police engaged in “snatch and grab” tactics, going for protestors who are more visible members whom they keep thinking are “leaders”.

This is how the tactic is being used against Occupy Wall Street:

Large numbers of police surround the protestors at any time, sometimes a hundred, sometimes several hundred. TARU, HMS, and various other law enforcers video tape the protests and pick out people they think are leaders. Taking out leaders should slow things down, plus they get to start up files of these people and interrogate them. During briefings, the police are told, “when you have the order and the opportunity, take these people.” These are some of the people you see arrested when police seem to pick and choose from all the protestors they want to arrest.

Here’s an example:

(Video censored, I’m really trying to find mirrors, but I have seen the videos before, they’re being removed and blocked quickly though)

Protestor thrown over Zuccotti Park barricade:


After the police retook the park by force, everyone decided to go off on other actions. The most publicized were when protestors went into subway stops to ask people to join up for the rally at Foley and the march across the Brooklyn Bridge. News outlets were erroneously reporting we were going to shut down the subways and cause chaos. The truth is that protestors effectively used the subways to bring tens of thousands of people to Foley Square, they did not want to shut them down!

As Fox News reported more than most, but all networks reported plans for subway chaos:


This is what protestors did, this was the Occupy Subways plan all along:


Protestors have done similar things many times before as an outreach action. We truly aren’t the violent anarchists we have been smeared as being. There are more videos than this of different people occupying on different days, just look around:


Well, after all the occupations of subways, which were not violent BTW, tens of thousands of protestors rallied at Foley Square:

There was Hip Hop:


Some more footage of larger than reported crowds from the ground:


Protestors listening to police scanners heard the police estimate was 30,000 protestors. CNN reported it and showed helicopter shots. You can not find the helicopter shots, or many of the other videos from their coverage yesterday. I saw it myself and now the videos are being blocked. Maybe they’ll come out later today, but the morning media… even CNN, is completely whitewashed.

Here’s one screen cap of the helicopter footage. The helicopter did pan around and show a crowd of tens of thousands, who all rallied there from various parts of the city, gathered together through Occupy Subways, which was to use the subways effectively to protest.. NOT shut them down.


This also was projected on the Verizon building for people crossing the Brooklyn Bridge to see. Many cars honked in solidarity.


Keith Olberman has some good footage near the end of this video. I get the feeling he saw what I did, but didn’t record it before the chopper was told to buzz off.


Hey, look! I found the helicopter footage without Candy Crowley’s commentary! It took a few hours… ridiculous!:


The expected bad commentary, with decent bridge footage and credit for large numbers and peacefully getting over the bridge, from Fox News last night:


I will try to find more video evidence of the day’s events.

Hopefully I did a better job than the morning news shows compiling this information for you. It is unfortunate the major networks are blocking and burying many of the videos I saw them run live yesterday. There is much more compelling evidence, but it’s being censored.

For your entertainment, here is a good article about the Fox News smear campaign, just for shits and giggles.


Anyway, morning news, no mention of all the people who rallied at Foley Square. It was so many people, it took hours to cross the Brooklyn Bridge because the queue was so long. Most people stayed on the pedestrian walkway, and apparently CNN became so disgusted by the mostly peaceful protest they covered ALL DAY, that they removed or blocked most of their footage. I can’t even find mirrors! All that is being reported is 400 and some odd arrests, 7-10 cops with such severe injuries as finger stitches and vinegar splashes, and more smears.

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“If you want big ideas you got to go to the Occupy Wall Street Movement” - Cornel West

"People don’t go to jail for a soundbite." —TRUTH from Dr. West

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It’s proved impossible for me to get this shot of former Philadelphia Police Cpt. Ray Lewis being arrested, published anywhere.  I was adamantly rebuffed by the Philadelphia Inquirer, NYT, local NY papers, and Newsweek, before even looking at the photograph.  One of the only published photos of this paradoxical and intense event is located here at the NYC Observer:


But now, I get it. People want to go someplace for at least five minutes where no one is trying to bleed you or sell you something. It may not be a real model for anything, but it’s at least a place where people are free to dream of some other way for human beings to get along, beyond auctioned “democracy,” tyrannical commerce and the bottom line.

( Matt Taibbi How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the OWS Protests | Politics News | Rolling Stone )

Interview with creator of Occupy Wall Street "bat-signal" projections during Brooklyn Bridge #N17 march


Oh my god, this is so beautiful - the 45-year-old guy who coordinated the OWS Bat-Signal last night speaks about the process of getting it together.

The woman whose apartment he used wouldn’t take any money, saying “This is for the people.”

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Ray Kelly's Gulag

OWS protesters when able to communicate with rank and file officers on the street should ask them if they are on Commissioner Kelly’s “secret list of police officers who cannot be transferred without his specific approval”.

Please listen to this woman.


This elderly woman survived the Nazi’s, has fought for our rights and took pepper spray to the face for the 99 percent please please listen to her interview and take what she has to say to heart.

I truly feel that she doesn’t want us young ones to go through the shit she has had to endure in her life.

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Massive police raids on suspected protesters in Minneapolis


Protesters here in Minneapolis have been targeted by a series of highly intimidating, sweeping police raids across the city, involving teams of 25-30 officers in riot gear, with semi-automatic weapons drawn, entering homes of those suspected of planning protests, handcuffing and forcing them to lay on the floor, while law enforcement officers searched the homes, seizing computers, journals, and political pamphlets. Last night, members of the St. Paul police department and the Ramsey County sheriff’s department handcuffed, photographed and detained dozens of people meeting at a public venue to plan a demonstration, charging them with no crime other than “fire code violations,” and early this morning, the Sheriff’s department sent teams of officers into at least four Minneapolis area homes where suspected protesters were staying.

It seems the revolution has started, only our side is trying to remain non-violent. Obviously, we have them scared to death and what we are saying is a truth they rather not be shown to everyone.  Why else would they break so many laws, violate the constitution, and behave like the very dictators we supposedly send our military around the globe to defeat?

Keep pushing then, Occupiers!  Push and push and push.  Shine a light on their criminal behavior because there is nothing a cock roach hates more that being in the light.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  Treason has no statute of limitations.

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